Michael Schruender

TaKeTiNa for everybody

Rhythm and music are particularly well-suited in accessing a condition known in modern psychology as ‘flow’: giving yourself over totally to an activity in which the brain can work in a comprehensive and highly integrated manner, ordering your consciousness and allowing you to carry out even highly complex activities easily and without effort.

Activity and attention merge, leaving no room for worries, fear or doubts about your own being. Whoever manages to submerge him- or herself in this state through rhythmic-musical experience will discover that the same quality, the merging of ‘doing’ and ‘letting something be done’, will become easier in other areas of life.

TaKeTiNa therefore offers not only a highly effective training for musical studies, but also many valuable experiences for people, who up to this point have not been particularly involved with music, or who even think they are not musical and have no sense of rhythm.

For example, participants in a TaKeTiNa group are able to confront their own shortcomings in a playful and relaxed way. This is an experience they can take with them into other, non-musical areas of their life.

How is it possbile for someone who is not a musician to have an existentially moving experience with rhythm? In our western culture this was impossible for centuries, especially for people who couldn’t or didn’t want to learn an instrument.... After 40 years of intensive work with more than 10,000 people, I know today that every person has an inborn intrinsic rhythmic knowledge – and this can even be activated in old age. Being „in rhythm“ gives every person a sense of being at home.Reinhard Flatischler