Michael Schruender

About my work

Through Feldenkrais in the early 80s, I discovered for the first time that when I was fully aware and able to differentiate, something in me calmed down, became more ordered and opened up. This work was truly liberating – not only in the realm of movement, posture and breathing, but also for my spirit. Ever since these first encounters with the Feldenkrais Method, it has been essential to me that the goal is more than just improved body movement. It is self-fulfilment and vitality.

Over the years it has become increasingly clear to me that the release, both on a physical and spiritual level, is born of a particular sort of awareness, in which a systemic way of looking at things is connected to a phenomenological approach.

By systemic, I mean that things which seem problematic in the body, or in life, are part of a whole, and the important thing is to develop that whole. By a phenomenological approach, I mean that I encounter something not from a position of prior knowledge, but with the greatest possible presence and openness, without wanting to change it. Only then is change possible. This phenomenological and systemic approach has become pivotal to my work.