Michael Schruender

Feldenkrais Centrum Charlottenburg

A joint offer of weekly Feldenkrais groups in the Feldenkrais Centrum Charlottenburg arose from the Feldenkrais practice of Michael Schründer in 2006. This practice exists since 1990 at Amtsgerichtsplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

You can rent the rooms of the Feldenkrais Centrum Charlottenburg for workshops and individual sessions:
• one room of 80 square meters for groups
• one room of 30 square meters for individual sessions
The two rooms are connected by a small corridor, yet there is also a separate entrance to each room. Two toilets and a kitchenette are available.
A combination of floor heating and Redwell infra red heatings produces a comfortable indoor climate. The interior decoration is designed in a bright and friendly stile. Mats and blankets are available. There is an audio equipment in each of the two rooms.

Michael Schründer 01578 - 50 50 380