Michael Schruender

Michael Schründer

Licensed member of the German Feldenkrais Association FVD and Feldenkrais Network International
Member of the European TaKeTiNa Association

Studied music (jazz piano), philosophy and film studies. 1980/81: first experience of the Feldenkrais method with Moshé Feldenkrais and his assistant Mia Segal. 1984-1987 studied Feldenkrais with Mia Segal and subsequently other trainers, including Yochanan Rywerant, Anat Baniel, Eilat Almagor and Anat Krivine.

Since 1987 seminars and private practice as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Teaching assignments at the University of Fine Arts (UdK) Berlin, the Ernst Busch Drama School, the Association of German Yoga-teachers (BDY) and the medical service of Schering (Bayer) AG. Various lectures on working with Feldenkrais. Since 1990 assistant and co-trainer for Feldenkrais teaching programmes. Leader of supervision groups and tutorials for Feldenkrais teachers.

1995-97 advanced training in the methodology of Elsa Gindler and Heinrich Jacoby with Sophie Ludwig in Berlin, since 1995 additional training in psychotherapy.

Since 2002 intensive TaKeTiNa-rhythm training at TaKeTiNa workshops, mainly with Esther Diethelm and Joachim Münster; 2007-2009 trained as a TaKeTiNa Teacher by Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler. Since 2013 working as a TaKaTiNa Advanced Rhythm Teacher. Course instructor of TaKeTiNa workshops in Germany, Denmark, France and Switzerland.